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Kahi receives a guitar from Kim Gun Mo
재천 • sweet nothings。
jaejung wrote in misskahi

After School's Kahi recently showed off her new guitar which she received as a gift from Kim Gun Mo.

On April 25th, she tweeted, "The pretty guitar that Korea's best singer Kim Gun Mo sunbaenim gave me as a gift~" and uploaded a picture of herself posing with it.

The idol also showcased her bare face, showing off her radiant skin.

She also showed her appreciation for the gift by tweeting, "I'll practice really really hard and play for you~!!! Isn't it pretty?? Ho ho ho~~^^ Thank you~~~!!!"

Netizens commented, "She is both pretty and nice", "The white guitar is really pretty. It suits you well^^", "I hope to SEE you playing the guitar on TV".

source: allkpop


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